Monday, May 14, 2007

More weight-loss news

Last night I stepped on the scale before bed, and I was at 217. That's 43 pounds lost in about two months. Other positive signs include having to tighten my watchband and the fact that my shoes are loose. I don't know if this is because my feet are skinnier, or because I've stretched them out by walking more.

I went to church after missing a couple of Sundays, and everyone who saw me either commented on my weight or the moustache. :-) Most of my clothes are looking distinctly tentlike, and I'm thinking I need to go to Macy's or somewhere else nice and get re-measured. I don't know when I'm going to be able to afford to buy the clothes, though. :-(.

I really need to pick up a tape measure and at least measure my waist, as that's supposed to be the benchmark for the You: On a Diet plan. This whole thing is honestly starting to freak me out a bit. It seemed so easy that I keep expecting it to all go wrong somehow.

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