Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Exercise in Embarrassment

This morning I chose to bike to work. I made the 12.9 miles in an hour and 9 minutes, for an average speed of 11.2 MPH. Not bad, considering it's my first real ride since last fall and I was fighting a southerly headwind most of the way.

I was also proud of the fact that I hadn't forgotten anything. I often forget to pack a belt or some other small thing, but today I got it all right. Unfortunately, there was one minor snag.

A pair of Kim's pants had ended up in my closet by mistake.

Needless to say, I mitigated the carbon savings of not driving to work by having her bring me a pair of my pants. I was, naturally, quite embarrassed at wearing women's slacks around the library for half an hour, but on the other hand, if I hadn't told anyone, they might not have known! My shirt hid the fact that I couldn't button them up, and other than that, they fit pretty well. Yet another milestone in my waist-loss regime. :-)

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