Friday, April 13, 2007

Karl's Feederizer

Karl's Feederizer

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Posted: 13 Apr 2007 12:00 AM CDT

  • Kurt Vonnegut, Writer of Classics of the American Counterculture, Dies at 84 - New York Times
    "And if I should ever die, God forbid, I hope you will say, 'Kurt is up in heaven now.' That's my favorite joke." Vonnegut was a humanist and religious skeptic. He broke up the crowd at Isaac Asimov's funeral with that joke.
  • 2NU
    "Then the horns kicked in, and my shoes started to squeak." 2NU is a unique musical group combining spoken-word with instrumental backgrounds. I discovered them in college. Check out the "Music" link to hear some of their songs.

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