Thursday, March 15, 2007

I logged in to Blogger this morning because I was concerned that many of my recent posts hadn't made it to the blog. I found that they had gone through, but were being saved as drafts rather than published entries. I ended up publishing more than a dozen items dating back to the beginning of February!

There are two possible culprits for this. I recently changed from the "Old Blogger" to the "New Blogger", and at some point, my blog was flagged as a possible "Spam Blog". Funny. You'd think a spammer would post more than twice a week. Stupid robots.

Anyway, I'm asking my loyal readers (all 9-15 of you, depending on the week) to go back and look at anything you might have missed, and I promise to get all this straightened out so that I can continue to bring you the very best in pointless inanity. Thanks for listening!

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