Thursday, April 24, 2008

Caveat Emptor

I went looking for a bow tie today, for tomorrow night's library dinner where the dress is "snappy casual". My first lesson is that real bow ties, the ones you actually tie, run about $40 at Dillard's. Not in my price range at present. My next notion after wandering the mall fruitlessly (30 minutes of walking accomplished!) was to try Burlington Coat Factory. They often have more offbeat men's clothing. On the way there, though, I decided to hit a tuxedo rental store. They had an impressive selection of hook-on bows, used, and the proprietor offered me one for $12. This mysteriously became $12.99 by the time we reached the register, which should have been my red flag, but I bought the thing anyway. Then I went to Burlington and found a brand-new bow tie, with matching pocket square, for all of $3. I need hardly tell you that the tux shop wouldn't take my return, so I now own two slightly different black patterned bow ties. Anyone want to buy one?

[This was edited to fix the prices. For some reason, the translation from my phone to Utterz stripped out the dollar signs and, in some cases, the numbers that immediately followed. How annoying!]

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