Sunday, January 27, 2008

Frikkin' Stupidbowl

Today would have been a long Sunday morning anyway. The choir sang at both services and we had a congregational meeting afterward. But because a bunch of fat guys will be running into each other this evening, it was decided that we'd have a handbell rehearsal after the meeting instead of our usual 6:50. I spent nearly seven houirs at church today, and I still have to go back at 5 to take BB to choir. Man, do I hate sports. At least I got a walk in, though. 40 minutes home from the church in really beautiful weather.


cher said...

super bowl isn't until next week

Karl said...

You're right, of course. Evidently there was a concert that our director needed to go to.

My frustration still holds, though. This coming Sunday they are moving the rehearsal to 3pm, and the stated reason is the Superbowl. I told everyone that there's a Gunsmoke marathon on TVLand, and I can't possibly miss it.