Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Books completed in January 2007
Lisey's Story - mediocre King
Magic Time - this year's "Tulsa Metro Reads" book.
Variable Star - Spider Robinson completes a lost Heinlein novel. What's not to love? My fiction fave this month.
Chicken with Plums - black and white graphic novel about a musician who dies in his bed pining for the loss of his instrument. Less poignant than it might have been.
Tick Omnibus 1 (reread) - trade paperback of the wonderful, loopy comic book series. "We're a hedge. Please move along."
Nature Girl - mediocre Hiassen
American Splendor: Ego & Hubris - graphic novel. Odd biography of an "everyman" who's not like anyone. Definitely worth the time.
The Ladies of Grace Adieu - much-anticipated short story collection by the author of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Some really good stuff here, and more accessible than the novel.
Empire (ABANDONED) - a right-wing Scorpion's Gate. I'll stick to getting my current events from NPR and The Daily Show, thanks.
Portrait of a Burger as a Young Calf - I've planned to read this book about the beef and dairy industries for years. Ended quite differently than I expected. Excellent book with some disturbing moments for animal lovers.
Dreams from my Father - this month's NF fave. Obama is a rising star for many reasons. Read this memoir to see some of the best.
Lost in Place: growing up absurd in suburbia - dorky, borderline-obsessive mid-seventies teen becomes fascinated with kung-fu and Chinese culture. Screamingly funny memoir.

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