Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Tonight the "young families" group from church went to Incredible Pizza for food, games & bowling. Good times were had by all.


Beaglebot said...

Hey K. I've been trying to figure out how you're getting this and livejournal to talk to each other. Catch me over at lf in the chatter some day. We still need to have lucnh again. I may well be _that_ boring tho :)

Karl said...

If you're a paid LJ user, you can set up livejournals from RSS feeds. A friend set it up for me using the RSS feed from blogspot. As for how I got it to receive e-mail from my cellphone, that's part of blogspot, too.

If I go to LF, I spend too much time there. As for lunch, drop me a line if you still have my direct e-mail, or call me at the library.